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EASI is a non-profit organization, committed to the belief that students and professionals with disabilities have the same right to access information technology as everyone else.

Note to EASI Annual Webinar members: we have changed how you register for Webinars. You will read about Webinars and register from a Member-only Webinar page.
Also note that the member username and password was changed on March 1, 2015

EASI Annual Webinar Members take this link for the Passworded Member Webinar Page


Webinars listed by month

Webinars in August

Webinars in September 2015

Webinars in October

Future Webinars Being Planned

What Are EASI Webinars and How Do They Work?

EASI is producing 2 series of Interactive Webinars on specific accessibility-related topics. One consists of single, free Webinars which are open to the public. While the fee-based Webinars consist of 3-4 Webinars providing more in-depth information.

Registration for the fee-based Webinar series is currently $225.00. Be aware that for the same cost as the cost of 2 fee-based Webinars, a person can purchase an annual membership providing access to all fee-based Webinars for the entire year as well as receiving other benefits.

EASI is pleased to host Webinar presenters from across the US as well as several other countries. As usual, some presenters are, themselves, adaptive technology users, and others are professionals supporting adaptive technology. Webinars use conference systems that facilitate hosting an accessible event.

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What equipment do I need to participate?

You will need working speakers so you can hear the presenter. The room has both text and voice chat. (A microphone is optional). A PC running Windows is the best operating system, but a Mac can access the system. Internet Explorer is the best browser, but others should also work.

We strongly urge you, if this is your first EASI Webinar, to come early to the presentation to iron out unforeseen problems. (The conference room is normally locked, and it is usually opened 45-60 minutes before the event.)


Dick Banks Memorial Scholarship for EASI Webinars and Courses

This scholarship provides people who are unable to procure other financing, with registrations to either the fee-based Webinar series or to EASI online courses. While EASI relies on fees to support our work, nevertheless, we want to share these resources as broadly as possible.

Read about and apply for the Dick Banks Memorial Scholarship


EASI Annual Webinar Membership Program

Note the member username and password changed on March 1, 2015

EASI has 2 membership programs: one for individuals and another for institutions. These annual memberships provide free access to all the fee-based Webinars for a full year, free access to an archive of selected Webinar recordings from 3 previous years and a discount to all the EASI courses. Of course members, like the general public, may join any and all of the free Webinars. At a time when budgets are being cut for training and for travel to conferences, these memberships can fill the void.

Read about and register online for the annual membership program


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Webinars in August

incorporating disability/accessibility/universal design topics into postsecondary computer science and engineering courses

Tuesday August 4 at 11 Pacific, noon Mountain, 1 Central and 2 Eastern

Hosted by Sheryl Burgstahler with 2 computer science instructor and 1 mechanical engineering instructor

Use this link for login information for this Engineering Webinar

Free EASI Webinar: Updating the Diagram Center to Enhance Image accessibility

Tuesday August 18 at 11 Pacific, noon Mountain, 1 Central and 2 Eastern

Presenter: Lisa Wadors

"As digital content is quickly shifting to include richer, more visual components like complex graphics, simulations and interactives, the need to make images accessible has become ever more pressing. To address this need, Benetech launched the DIAGRAM Center—a research and development hub working to set standards, generate best practices and design tools to ensure that images found in digital content (like eBooks) are accessible to everyone."

Visit the Diagram Center home page diagramcenter.org

Register for the Aug. 18 Diagram Center Webinar

EASI Free Webinar: Twitter with JAWS and MAGic

Presenter: Ryan Jones from Freedom Scientific

Tentative date is August 25

Register for the Twitter Webinar

the date will be finalized shortly for sometime in late August at which a registration llink will be here

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Webinars scheduled for September

EASI Free Webinar: Update on NFB-NEWSLINE

Presenter: Scott White, Director of Sponsored Technology Programs, National Federation of the Blind

Tuesday September 22, 11 Pacific, Noon Mountain, 1 Central and 2 PM Eastern

The National Foundation of the Blind's NFB-NEWSLINE provides well over 300 newspapers including 4 in Spanish and more than 40 magazines and is still growing is at last making it possible for blind individuals to gain access to the information in newspapers at the same time as their sighted colleagues, friends, and family members. Lifetime learning, including detailed awareness of current events, is part of what makes a good citizen, a successful employee or employer, and a valuable participant in community life. Without ready access to information, none of us can reach his or her full potential.

Register for this NFB Webinar September 22

EASI Fee-based 4-part Series: Beginner/Intermediate PowerPoint

Presenter: Norm Coombs, Professor Emeritus from RIT and CEO of EASI

Dates: Thursdays Sept. 10, 17, 24 and October 1

Times: 11 Pacific, noon Mountain, 1 Central and 2 Eastern

PowerPoint is a popular content-delivery tool for both online and on-site college courses. PowerPoint content is usually created by professors with limited technical know-how, but it is not complex enough to require being provided by information support staff. These four weeks will be designed for non-technical content providers. Once the creator learns the basics of this tool, making their content fully accessible for students with disabilities using assistive technologies will not be burdensome. Llearning to use this application more efficiently will enable content creators to work easier and faster, and it will simultaneously enable their creating content that is fully accessible.

Each lesson will suggest 1-2 activities that participants can try to get the feel of how the PowerPoint features covered that week actually work. These activities will enable particpants to know they understood the material and to master it in ways that help them remember the content.

Week 1:

  • What,
  • Why,
  • Where, When
  • Getting Started
  • Week 2:

    Members go to the member-only page to register for this series

    Non-members use the link below to register and make payment. When you reach the registration site, select the link for EASI Web Conferencing and select the date for September 10, 2015.

    Non-members register and make payment for this September Webinar series

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    Webinars for October

    EASI Fee-based, 4-part Series: Word 2013: Beyond the Basics

    Presenter: Karen McCall, M.Ed. Microsoft MVP for Word

    Dates: Tuesday October 6, 13, 20, 27

    Times: 11 Pacific, Noon Mountain, 1 Central, and 2 Eastern

    This four part fee based series will focus on those elements of a well-structured Word document that we often don’t have time for in a “regular” workshop timeframe. Participants will have access to sample documents and “homework” if they want to try the Word tools, tips and techniques. The following are proposed topics, however if you want to know about a specific tool or technique, please contact us with your suggestions.

    Week 1

    wWeek 1 provides:

    Week 2

    This week focuses on:

    Week 3

    The main topics for week 3 are:

    Registration for this fee-based series is $225, but it is free for all EASI Webinar Annual Members.

    Members use this member-only page to register free for this series

    Non-members use the link below to register and make payment. When you reach the registration site, select the link for EASI Web Conferencing and select the date for October 6, 2015.

    Non-members register and make payment for this October Webinar series on Advanced Features in Word

    Below is a list of Webinars being finalized for 2015

    Below is a list of other topics being planned

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