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EASI is a non-profit organization, committed to the belief that students and professionals with disabilities have the same right to access information technology as everyone else.

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What Are EASI Webinars and How Do They Work?

EASI is producing 2 series of Interactive Webinars on specific accessibility-related topics. One series consists of single, free Webinars which are open to the public. The other series is fee-based Webinars which consist of 3-4 Webinars providing more in-depth information and training.

Registration for the fee-based Webinar series is currently $225. Be aware that for the same cost as the cost of 2 fee-based Webinars, ($450)a person can purchase an annual membership providing access to all fee-based Webinars for the entire year as well as receiving a discount on all the courses that can lead to the certificate in accessible Information Technology.

EASI is pleased to host Webinar presenters from across the US as well as several other countries. As usual, some presenters are, themselves, adaptive technology users, and others are professionals supporting adaptive technology. Webinars use conference systems that facilitate hosting an accessible event.

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What equipment do I need to participate?

You will need working speakers so you can hear the presenter. The room has both text and voice chat. (A microphone is optional). A PC running Windows is the best operating system, but a Mac can access the system. Internet Explorer is the best browser, but others should also work.

We strongly urge you, if this is your first EASI Webinar, to come early to the presentation to iron out unforeseen problems. (The conference room is normally locked, and it is usually opened 45-60 minutes before the event.)


Dick Banks Memorial Scholarship for EASI Webinars and Courses

This scholarship provides people who are unable to procure other financing, with registrations to either the fee-based Webinar series or to EASI online courses. While EASI relies on fees to support our work, nevertheless, we want to share these resources as broadly as possible.

Read about and apply for the Dick Banks Memorial Scholarship


EASI Annual Webinar Membership Program

EASI has 2 membership programs: one for individuals and another for institutions. These annual memberships provide free access to all the fee-based Webinars for a full year, free access to an archive of selected Webinar recordings from 3 previous years and a discount to all the EASI courses. Institutional membership provides these same benefits to as many people as are interested from that institution. The cost for an institution is $1,500.

At a time when budgets are being cut for training and for travel to conferences, these memberships can fill the training void. EASI strives to keep up on state-of-the-art accessible technologies and the best current practices in supporting accessible information technology.

Besides the benefits of membership for yourself, be aware that you are helping support EASI's free activities providing free Webinars, attending conferencing and maintaining its daily activities.

Read about and register online for the annual membership program


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Webinars for October

EASI Fee-based, 4-part Series: Word 2013: Beyond the Basics

Presenter: Karen McCall, M.Ed. Microsoft MVP for Word

Dates: Tuesday October 6, 13, 20, 27

Times: 11 Pacific, Noon Mountain, 1 Central, and 2 Eastern

This four part fee based series will focus on those elements of a well-structured Word document that we often don’t have time for in a “regular” workshop timeframe. Participants will have access to sample documents and “homework” if they want to try the Word tools, tips and techniques. The following are proposed topics, however if you want to know about a specific tool or technique, please contact us with your suggestions.

Week 1:

Focuses on an overview of the Resume Reading tool:

Week 2:

This week focuses on:

Week 3:

The main topics for week 3 are:

Week 4:

The final week will cover:

Registration for this fee-based series is $225, but it is free for all EASI Webinar Annual Members.

Members use this member-only page to register free for this series

Non-members use the link below to register and make payment. When you reach the registration site, select the link for EASI Web Conferencing and select the date for October 6, 2015.

Non-members register and make payment for this October Webinar series on Advanced Features in Word

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Webinars for November

note times are now US standard time

Tweeting Blind - strategies for screen reader users to interact with Twitter, and why they should

Presenter: Jonathan Mosen, technology writer, and director of Mosen Consulting

Thursday Nov. 12 at 11 Pacific, noon Mountain, 1 Central and 2 Eastern (all standard)

Based on 140 character messages known as "tweets", Twitter's textual nature makes it an ideal social networking platform for screen reader users. A robust application programming interface means it is well-supported by a number of third-party apps on a range of platforms. In this webinar, Jonathan will discuss Twitter's features and benefits, etiquette, and options for engaging with Twitter on a range of platforms.

Jonathan Mosen is the author of Tweeting Blind which is available from the National Braille Press or from his Web site:

Mosen Consulting

The next link will take you to the Webinar login page. Bookmark it and you will not get a login reminder

This link will take you to the login page for the Tweeting Blind Webinar

href="https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1uUQgpEHkDWtMrzqac686tngIEyD1bYABX42x835dkmU/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link">Register for Jonathon's Webinar Nov. 12

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Webinars in December

Functional Accessibility Evaluator, AInspector Sidebar and Accessibility Bookmarklets

Presenter: Jon Gunderson, University of Illinois

Thursday Dec. 3: 11 Pacific, noon Mountain, 1 Central and 2 PM Eastern standard

The Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE) 2.0 is designed to evaluate and summarize the accessibility of an entire website and AInspector Sidebar is a Firefox add-on to inspect and highlight accessibility problems and features on individual pages. Both tools are open source tools and they evaluate accessibility based on the requirements of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) 2.0. WCAG 2.0 is an international standard and part of the Section 508 refresh for information technology.

Open source tools can be freely used and customized for individual needs and use the OpenAjax Evaluation Library. New Accessibility bookmarklets to provide visualizations of typically hidden accessibility information will also be demonstrated.

Tool Information

Ainspector Sidebar (for Firefox)is a An Firefox Add-on to evaluate the current DOM of a web page for WCAG 2.0 Level A and AA requirements at: http://ainspector.github.io/

Functional Accessibility Evaluator 2.0 Spiders a website for WCAG 2.0 Level A and AA requirements and generates a summary report http://fae20.cita.illinois.edu/

Accessibility Bookmarklets is a browser add-ons that help make hidden accessibility information visible to sighted developers http://accessibility-bookmarklets.org

Register for the Dec. 3 free webinar

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Webinars in January 2016

Fee-based, 4-part Webinar Series on Accessible PDF

Presenter: Karen

Details and registration will be here soon

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Below is a list of Webinars being finalized for winter and spring 2016.

Four-part fee-based Webinar series are being organized:

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