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EASI: Equal Access to Software and Information homepage

EASI Temporary Webinar Login Page

This page does not collect registrations. Instead it gives what you need to know for Thursday's webinar. There are 2 links on this page. One is for Thursday webinar and the other is for the archive after that webinar. Note them carefully. Webinar times are 11 pacific, noon mountain, 1 central and 2 eastern.

You log into the webinar from

log in page

The archive afterwards should be at

How does the webinar room work?

The room will not be open until 30 or so minutes before the scheduled beginning. When you are in the room you can listen to the presenter and watch as web pages are pushed that support the presentation. This assumes that your speakers are working. You can use the text chat to ask questions and make comments. The experience is similar to attending a face-to-face presentation. The event will be recorded and available for you later.

NOTE! when you are logging in, provide your name for the room name but YOU MUST LEAVE THE PASSWORD FIELD EMPTY!

Use this link to go to the conference log in page

for the new Webinar conference log in interface