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EASI is a non-profit organization, commited to the belief that students and professionals with disabilities have the same right to access information technology as everyone else.

The information technology revolution combined with adaptive applications for people with disabilities provides us with the opportunity to give students and professionals the most level learning and working space in history.

EASI delivers month-long, online courses about designing information systems that will facilitate institutions in achieving this exciting dream.

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EASI takes pride in taking the jargon and mystery out of making information technology accessible without sacrificing the look and feel of the content. The courses provide a general understanding of basic adaptive software and provides internediate skill in using it. The courses are designed to be accessible, and the instructors are either users of adaptive technologies or are professionals who support accessibility. You do not have to be a 'technical-type' to understand making content accessible for people with disabilities.

Dick Banks Memorial Scholarship for EASI Webinars and Courses


Dick Banks

This scholarship provides people who are unable to procure other financing, with registrations to either the fee-based Webinar series or to the EASI online courses. While EASI relies on fees to support our work, nevertheless, we want to share these resources as broadly as possible.

For those who did not know our valued friend, Dick Banks, he was passionate about accessible information technology and eager to get others as committed to the cause as he was.

Read about and apply for the Dick Banks Memorial Scholarship


How do I register for a course?

All courses are entirely online and asynchronous. Content is online using Blackboard. Courses are usually month-long and instructor-led.

Currently, course registration is $350. Students, overseas participants and EASI annual Webinar members receive a 20% discount on courses. Registration information is available on each course syllabus page listed below.)



Courses listed by course

Syllabus for Barrier-free Information Technology

Schedule for 2018: july 9

Information technology can provide the most accessible learning and working conditions in history for people with disabilities. This course will enable institutions to design both onsite and online electronic devices and electronic information to include and empower people with disabilities while using universal design to provide user-friendly tools for everyone. When designed from the bottom up, costs will not be prohibitive and both computer and information systems will meet the standards of disability-related legislation.

Syllabus for Barrier-free E-learning

Schedule for 2018: September 10

The course is based on the realization that faculty are placing content inside a courseware management system which is responsible for achieving most Web Accessibility meaning faculty normally only need to know a limited set of accessibility features. The course demonstrates how faculty can achieve accessibility while using authoring applications they already know. Creating accessible course content can be easier than many believe.


Syllabus for Train the Trainer

Schedule for 2018: Oct. 1

Universities are required to provide some training to students with disabilities on using adaptive technology required to do their work. Train the trainer provides staff an initial acquaintance with the major special applications those student may need. The trainer cannot be expert in all these tools, but this course will provide them a solid initial acquaintance including encourage people to have some hands-on experience.

Syllabus Creating and Repurposing More Accessible Content

Schedule for 2018: Nov. 5

This course is designed to support alternative media specialists in creating new documents that are more accessible, and converting existing documents into alternate formats such as Word, PDF, DAISY and ePub. Documents need to be well constructed which in turn facilitates accessibility. Documents also need to be repurposed to other formats based on an organizational need. Currently there are so many different e-readers, (some accessible and some not), that the course includes a discussion of several e-readers as well as providing the ability to design accessible documents.

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Courses Listed by Month


Syllabus for Barrier-free Information Technology


Syllabus for Barrier-free E-learning


Syllabus for Train the Trainer


Syllabus Creating and Repurposing More Accessible Content


Syllabus for Barrier-free Information Technology


Syllabus for Barrier-free E-learning


Syllabus for Train the Trainer


Syllabus Creating and Repurposing More Accessible Content


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