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EASI Annual Webinar Membership


EASI is a non-profit organization, commited to the belief that students and professionals with disabilities have the same right to access information technology as everyone else.

What Is EASI Annual Webinar Membership

EASI produces Interactive Webinars on specific accessibility-related topics to disseminate up-to-date on accessible information to support colleges and universities to keep their information technology systems available to students and faculty with disabilities. These include both single, free Webinars, and 2-part and 4-part Webinar series which are free to members. The series are also available to non-members for a registration fee. (A limited number of scholarships may be available on request.)

EASI is soliciting sponsors to provide captioning for the 2-part and 4-part member series. If finances allow, EASI will caption some or all of the free, single, public Webinars as well.

Membership provides access to an archive of several years of previous Webinars. It also gives members a discount on all of the EASI online courses on accessible information technology. (Currently courses are $350 but only $280 for members).

The courses include:

  • Barrier-free Information Technology
  • Barrier-free E-learning
  • Barrier-free Web Design
  • Accessible StreamingMultimedia/li>
  • Train the Trainer
  • Special Topics.

With the speeding-up of technological change, keeping up with the state-of-the-art in adaptive technology becomes overwhelming for adaptive technology staff. EASI has developed this special annual membership program to fill this gap for staff and for colleges and universities. There are both individual and institutional Webinar Memberships. The individual annual membership is currently $460, and the institutional membership is currently $1,500. When registering, select either the individual or institutional Webinar membership

The list of upcoming Webinars is available at:

The syllabus for each online, month-lon course is at:


Register for the membership and you can pay by credit card, check or PO

Supporting EASI

EASI is an independent, non-profit organization. For the past decade, the only source of funds to enable us to serve as a rich dissemination resource has been income generated by registrations for fee-based Webinars and by registration for our courses. This income enables us to pay basic expenses and, without it, we could not continue to do activities such as the, public Webinars and participation in conferences. Besides the benefits you will receive from being an EASI Annual Web member, your membership supports all of EASI’s other outreach.

EASI wants to thank all of our individual and institutional annual members for your financial support wwhich enables us to do our work. For those who take advantage of the free Webinars, we are thankful to be able to support you. When you attend a genuinely useful webinar, please consider using one of the buttons below to make a donation in appreciation of the information.

When the Paypal page appears, do not log in! Rather select the button to pay by debit or credit card.

Use this Paypal button to donate $25

Use this Paypal button to donate $50

EASI contact information

EASI PO Box 818 Lake Forest CA 92609 Office phone (Pacific time zone) (949) 916-2837

Norman Coombs, CEO Phone (Pacific time zone) (949) 855-4852