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Syllabus for Barier-free Web Design

EASI is a non-profit organization, committed to the belief that students and professionals with disabilities have the same right to access information technology as everyone else.


Certificate in Accessible Information Technology

Everyone who completes an EASI course will receive an EASI document of completion for that course. Those completing 5 of these courses will earn the EASI Certificate in Accessible Information Technology.

Course Registration and Schedule

Schedule for 2017: June 5, Dec. 4

(Registration is $350 with a 20% discount for EASI Annual Members and for participants from overseas. Rregister from this link using check, PO or Credit card


Lesson 1: Functional vs technical accessability

Lesson 2 Web accessability tools

Lesson 3: Using WAVE to evaluate several web pages
  • Which accessibility issues would impact the user the most and the least
  • How much has this tool hellped you understand the overall issues created by accessability problems?
  • Lesson 4: Using the WAVE tool to provide assistance for the designers of web pages

    Write reports on at least 3 web sites which would help their designers understand how accessible that site is and which could be used by the designer to make significant improvements to their site.

    Registration for this course

    The link below will take you to a secure site where you can register and make payment.

    When registering, you can pay by credit card, check or PO. When you reach the registration site, select the course, date and payment choice.

    register from this link using check, PO or Credit card