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Certificate in Accessible Information Technology

Accessible information technology means making both the onsite computers and all electronic information as well as all Internet web information accessible to users with various disabilities and who may be using special adaptive technology.

Announcing a new partnership between EASI Corp and the University of Southern Maine to provide an online certificate program. This can be taken anytime and anywhere. It is provided entirely using distance learning technologies over the Internet. The cost is comparable to other certificate programs in assistive technology but does not require the expense of travel and housing required by site-based programs.

EASI Corp and the University of Southern Maine are working together to provide a certificate in Accessible Information Technology. EASI is providing a series of online courses about providing access for students and professionals with disabilities to information technology which will each carry continuing education units from USM. Learners who take 5 courses will be awarded a USM certificate in Accessible Information Technology.

EASI is providing 8 courses:
Barrier-free Information Technology,
Beginner Barrier-free Web Design,
Advanced Barrier-free Web Design,
Business Benefits of accessible Electronic and Information Technology,
Accessible Internet Multimedia Production,
Accessible Information Technology for persons with learning disabilities.
Train the Trainer

These courses can be taken individually for CEUS or a package of courses will earn the Accessible Information Technology Certificate. To earn the USM certificate, learners will be required to take both the Barrier-free Information Technology and the Barrier-free Web Design. They will then select any three of the other five courses to add up to the required 5 courses for the certificate.

(For those for whom the required courses will be redundant, we can make substitutions.)

Many institutions and professions require their members to continually update their skills or expand their knowledge. Many measure this by continuing education units or by accredited certificates.

Before signing up for the fifth course, contact EASI. The fifth course will be half of the normal course registration. We will give you a special URL where you can get this discount.

You can see information about EASI's instructors: Introducing EASI's Teachers

If you have any questions, write Norm Coombs nrcgsh@rit.edu

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