Practical Web Accessibility

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Technical Accessibility vs. Functional Accessibility

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Technical Accessibility and Guidelines

You cannot design or program a user's experience, you can only enable that experience

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It is not the fault of guidelines

The problem is trying to apply technical guidelines and solutions to fix non-technical problems

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Compliant != Accessible

Accessibility > Compliance

Functional Accessibility > Technical Accessibility


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If your site is "accessible", you're probably not innovating or updating enough

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No amount of accessibility can fix something that is not useful or usable

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Focus on the user experience not only on design, specifications, or requirements

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Step outside your own experience and consider other, diverse users

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Don't do accessibility testing with people with disabilities

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… instead, do usability testing, and include people with disabilities.

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Don't just test your site, use your site (with assistive technology)

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Use tools but only as tools

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Top tools and tips for accessibility

Common sense (is not so common)

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Alternative text

Guidelines and checklists but use them as guidelines

Learn accessibility techniques

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Have a documented plan

Be the accessibility fireman, not the accessibility cop

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Become a champion for accessibility

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