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Webinar 4-part Free Series: Accessible STEM Made Easier

Week 1: Access to complex graphics using IVEO

Presenters: John Gardner and John Taylor

Note: this Webinar made significant use of desktop sharing rather than using slides. Desktop sharing does not get captured by the Webinar recording system. It did capture the audio where John Gardner provided careful descriptions of what was happening. The first link below will provide the transcription and will open in a separate Web page. Open it and then open the audio and you can follow both together.

Opens the transcription in a new page

Watch the recording of the desktop sharing

Week 2 Webinar: Empowering the blind in the science laboratory classroom

Presenter Carey Supalo, U. Ill Normal

We regret that we had a confusion over the slides for the Webinar. By mistake we had uploaded the Wrong slides. Several of these were what Carey wanted, and he used those. Otherwise, he explained what he wanted to show. This will be apparent in the Recording. (The slides linked below are now the correct ones).

Watch the Webinar recording

Read the transcription from the recording

View the correct slides

download Supalo's PowerPoint file

Week 3 (July 16): Analitics

Presenter: Ed Summers

View the slides from Ed's Webinar

Watch the Analitics Webinar

Watch the recording of the Analitics Webinar

Download Ed Summer's Actual PowerPoint Presentation

Read the transcription from the Analitics Webinar recording

Week 4: LEAN Math

Presenter: John Gardner

Note again that because this Webinar uses desktop sharing, we were unable to record it and, of course, there are no slides.

Maybe the best way to use this archive is, first, open the transcription which will open in a separate page. Then using the link to the audio, start listening to the audio and you can listen to that and read the transcript at the same time.

Open The transcription of the lean math Webinar

Play the Webinar's audio

Email John at

Go to the Viewplus Web site