Creating Accessible Social Media for All Users

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Social Media - NOAA

Social Media


State of Minnesota Accessibility Standard

Governor Dayton's Executive Orders

Office of Accessibility

The [nature of the] Beast

Vendor Dependency

What We Did

Tweets, Techniques and Tools

Social Media as a Way to Connect & Engage

Alternative Access - Quick Overview

Visual content described in posting

Basic Accessibility Concepts

Hyperlink and Hashtag at end of post

Basic Accessibility Concepts 2

Can They Find You If They Have Questions?

Sometimes You Need an A11y Hack

Twitter Has Image Descriptions!

Autoplay is not for Everyone

Scheduling Posts

Karl Groves' Awesome Alt

Why use plain language?

Translate difficult topics for non-experts

Images that Support Text for Those with Reading Challenges

Social Media Profile Banners


Can you make out the logo and the website address in all color schemes?

Text in Banner Art Available Elsewhere

Challenging Content: 25th Anniversary Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Infographic

Content on Website

Postings Varied by Platform and Audience

Accessibility Quick Cards

Looking Ahead - What's Next?

Facebook Birthday Video (no captions or audio description)

Key Issues

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