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Visual Aids

The logo consists of the Grade-2 Braille character for "gh", with the lowercase alphabetic letters "gh" just to the right.

Synchronized highlighting for sentences and words

Zooming reading window

Panning enables quick scrolling

Fully adjustable colors and contrast for each screen element

Screenshot of the ReadHear Customize window, which has ten tabs. The "Colors" tab is selected, and the window shows controls for color adjustments, including:   Preset Colors dropdown. Currently selected preset is "Black Text on a Mint Green Background with Yellow Tracking".  Six buttons to adjust individual colors for various screen elements. Next to each button is a square showing the current color setting for that button. The six buttons are:   Text Color (black box)  Tracking Text Color (black box)  Word Test Color (black box)  Background Color (mint green box)  Tracking Background Color (yellow box)  Word Background Tracking Color (orange box)   At the bottom of the window is a box labeled "Color Sample". In the box is a sample of text ("His language was very colorful, to say the least.") colored according to the currently selected settings (in this case, black text on a mint green background).

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