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ReadHear Software

The logo consists of the Grade-2 Braille character for "gh", with the lowercase alphabetic letters "gh" just to the right.

Originally known as the GH Player

E-book reader for Windows and MacOS (no mobile version yet)

Self-voicing interface

Fully keyboard controllable

Screenshot of ReadHear's graphical user interface. Along the top and bottom are toolbars with a variety of buttons marked with icons. Along the left side is a navigation bar, consisting of a list of headers in the open book. The majority of the screen is taken up by the reading window, showing text and an image from a book.   The open page has the header "Earth", three paragraphs of text (the first sentence is highlighted), and a photo of astronauts floating in space above the Earth.  The top toolbar includes buttons for Zooming, Contrast, Tracking, Panning, Mute, Volume, and Speech Rate.  The bottom toolbar includes buttons for Play/Pause, Back, Forward, Repeat, Bookmark, Editor, Page Navigator, Headings Navigator, Index Navigator, and Navigation selection buttons for Page, Paragraph, Heading, Word, Sentence, and Time.

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