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The logo consists of the Grade-2 Braille character for "gh", with the lowercase alphabetic letters "gh" just to the right.

Using ReadHear to study how visually impaired students learn and understand computer-delivered algebra

Three visually impaired high-school students were tested and observed in their classroom and in study-hall environments

Used ReadHear to deliver short assessments consisting of algebra problems of increasing difficulty

Studied speed, comfort, and understanding of navigating the MathSpeak-enabled content

Students performed well and responded positively, suggesting the value of MathSpeak and eText for math education for visually impaired students

Bouck, E. et al. (2013). Accessing Algebra via MathSpeak: Understanding the Potential and Pitfalls for Students with Visual Impairments. Journal of Special Education Technology, 28(1), 49-63.

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