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The logo consists of the Grade-2 Braille character for "gh", with the lowercase alphabetic letters "gh" just to the right.

Insert bookmarks in text and assign them custom names

Navigate to any bookmark instantly

Bookmark Editor allows notes to be added to individual bookmarks

Bookmarks and notes can be saved in a file and given to other ReadHear users

Cropped screenshot of ReadHear window. A book is open, with text describing the planet Venus. A the beginning of one paragraph is a red mark.  Overlaid on the text is a window labeled "Bookmark Editor". The window has a toolbar at the top with the following buttons: Import Book Text, Delete Bookmark, Print Bookmarks, Rename Bookmarks.  The Bookmark Editor window is split into left and right halves.  The left half contains a list of bookmarks. There are three bookmarks:   Page 2, Section Venus (00:02:06)  Page 6, Section Asteroids are like planets   Page 2, Section Earth, Figure 7.34  The top bookmark is highlighted.   The right half is a blank text box for notes. The current note for the highlighted bookmark is "This section is on the test!"

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