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Reading Features

The logo consists of the Grade-2 Braille character for "gh", with the lowercase alphabetic letters "gh" just to the right.

Images are displayed for sighted users

Alt text is identified and read aloud for blind users

Properly formatted tables are identified and read aloud

Cropped screenshot of the ReadHear screen with a book open to a page containing a table. The page is headed "Comparing the Inner Planets".  The table has five columns and five rows.  Row 1: Planet, Average Distance from Sun (millions of km), Period of Revolution (in Earth years), Period of Rotation (Earth days/hours), Number of Moons  Row 2: Mercury, 58, 0.24, 59 days, 0  Row 3: Venus, 108, 0.24, 243 days, 0  Row 4: Earth, 150, 1.00, 1 day (24 hours), 1  Row 5: Mars, 228, 1.88, 24.6 hours, 2   Additional text describes a class assignment to write a story about visiting one of the inner planets.

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