Accessible PDF Documents


Hierarchy of Tasks

Read Out Loud

Adobe Tools for Working with Legacy PDF Documents

Trusted Adaptive Technology

"Virtual Tags"

Infer Reading Order Dialog

Reading Order Options

Read All or Current Page

Save As Options

Security 101

Secure Document Dialog

Document Properties

Logical Reading Order

Tab Order Misconceptions

Action Wizard - Make Accessible

Action wizard in Tools Task Pane

Make Accessible Document Title dialog

Make Accessible OCR Dialog

Make Accessible Fillable Form Dialog

Make Accessible Add Core Language to Document

Make Accessible Warning Before Adding Alt text

Make Accessible Add Alt Text to Images

Make Accessible Accessibility Full Check Dialog

Make Accessible Accessibility Full Check Report

Examples of Common Tags

No Headings = No Navigation

Headings are Navigational Structures

Heading Tags

Table of Contents Tags

Paragraph Tag

Table Tags

List Tags

Figure and Caption Tags

Repairs in the Tags Tree

Using F2 to Change Tag

Create Tag from Selection

Create Tag from Selection - Step 1

Create Tag From Selection - Step 2

Find Tag from Selection - 1

Find Tag from Selection - 2

Find Tag from Selection - 3

Copy and Paste Tags

Alt Text for Images

Sample Alt Text