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We've come a long way since 2007

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<p begin="00:00:00.00" dur="00:00:03.07">I had just joined <span tts:fontFamily="monospaceSansSerif,proportionalSerif,TheOther"tts:fontSize="+2">Macromedia</span> in 1996,</p>

<p begin="00:00:03.07" dur="00:00:03.35">and we were trying to figure out what to do about the internet.</p>

<p begin="00:00:06.42" dur="00:00:03.15">And the company was in dire straights at the time.</p>

<p begin="00:00:09.57" dur="00:00:01.45">We were a CD-ROM authoring company,</p>

<p begin="00:00:11.42" dur="00:00:02.00">and the CD-ROM business was going away.</p>

<p begin="00:00:13.57" dur="00:00:02.50">One of the technologies I remember seeing was Flash.</p>

<p begin="00:00:16.47" dur="00:00:02.00">At the time, it was called <span tts:fontWeight="bold" tts:color="#ccc333">FutureSplash</span>.</p>

<p begin="00:00:18.50" dur="00:00:01.20">So this is where Flash got its start.</p>

<p begin="00:00:20.10" dur="00:00:03.00">This is smart sketch running on the <span tts:fontStyle="italic">EU-pin computer</span>,</p>

<p begin="00:00:23.52" dur="00:00:02.00">which was the first product that FutureWave did.</p>

<p begin="00:00:25.52" dur="00:00:02.00">So our vision for this product was to</p>

<p begin="00:00:27.52" dur="00:00:01.10">make drawing on the computer</p>

<p begin="00:00:29.02" dur="00:00:01.30" style="1">as <span tts:color="#ccc333">easy</span> as drawing on paper.</p>




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