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google voice speech to text message in email format

I'm testing the call feature of Google Voice. Captions captions are text equivalent of auditory information from speakers sound effects in ambience sounds that are synchronize with the multimedia presentation. Audio descriptions audio descriptions are equivalent of visual information from actions, body language, graphics and seeing changes that are avoid either by a human or speak to him but synthesizer, and synchronize with the multimedia presentation point to keep in mind all course related video and multimedia productions that speech or other necessary audio information to be a open or close caption Evan catching a permanent, it cannot be turned on in off close captions can be turned on in off none of the Web Based Media Players or tolerable. An additional links for the media without captions are audio descriptions may also be provided. In order to create captions a transcription of the audio is needed, All course related video and multimedia Productions. They contain visual information necessary for com for 4, Comprehension I. Delia include audio descriptions. A text, equivalent of the additional recorded audio description is also required which can be integrated with your regional audio transcript equivalent as a link is necessary in order to easily convert the information to braille or speak as with the screen reader or display in a larger font different colors, audio, or video files in course content should ideally launch external players screen reader is very often do not recognize embedded players evaluating multimedia IN most cases looking at the content in testing. It is only is the only way to determine if a video or audio presentation is truly acceptable.

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