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Contents of Captioning Flash Video in XML circa 2007

My Accessibility Adventures Began…

Captioning Flash Video in XML circa 2007

<tt xml:lang="en" xmlns="" xmlns:tts="">



<style id="1" tts:textAlign="right"/>

<style id="2" tts:color="transparent"/>

<style id="3" style="2" tts:backgroundColor="white"/>

<style id="4" style="2 3" tts:fontSize="20"/>




<div xml:lang="en">

<p begin="00:00:00.00" dur="00:00:03.07">When I captioned <span tts:fontFamily="monospaceSansSerif,proportionalSerif,TheOther"tts:fontSize="+2">initially</span> in 2007,</p>

<p begin="00:00:03.07" dur="00:00:03.35">the very first time, it was for a flash video.</p>

<p begin="00:00:06.42" dur="00:00:03.15">It was a test of patience, and I am really patient.</p>

<p begin="00:00:09.57" dur="00:00:01.45">It was hard, but I love a challenge.,</p>

<p begin="00:00:11.42" dur="00:00:02.00">It was fun, because no one else had a clue.</p>

<p begin="00:00:13.57" dur="00:00:02.50">I spent at least a weak getting up the nerve to .</p>

<p begin="00:00:16.47" dur="00:00:02.00">To actually try to do it.<span tts:fontWeight="bold" tts:color="#ccc333">FutureSplash</span>.</p>

<p begin="00:00:18.50" dur="00:00:01.20">When I finally got going.</p>

<p begin="00:00:20.10" dur="00:00:03.00">It was a very slow and painful process <span tts:fontStyle="italic">EU-pin computer</span>,</p>

<p begin="00:00:23.52" dur="00:00:02.00">XML is very unforgiving.</p>

<p begin="00:00:25.52" dur="00:00:02.00">I'd only coded in Action Script and HTML</p>

<p begin="00:00:27.52" dur="00:00:01.10">It took me about 10 hours to caption a three minute video.</p>

<p begin="00:00:29.02" dur="00:00:01.30" style="1">NOW <span tts:color="#ccc333">it is easy</span> and FUN!.</p>