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Comparing Tablets

Property Android iOS MS Windows Amazon Kindle Barnes and Noble Nook
Number and variety of Tablets Over 11,000 iPad and iPad mini Several Kindle Fire and Fire HD Nook HD
Operating System Android (Jelly bean) ios7 (Sept 18, 2013) Microsoft Windows 8 Modified version of Android ICS Modified version of Android- Microsoft bought 2013
Apps 860,815<br />( updated 9/13/13) 900,000 with 375,00 optimized for iPad/mini<br />( updated June 2013) 104,917<br />( updated July 4, 2013) 50,000 in Amazon App store also shop in Google Play Store<br />( updated August 2013) 10,000 in Barnes and Noble and have access to Google Play store ( updated August 2013)
Software Updates As it becomes available on Google Apple releases updates MS releases updates Amazon releases updates Barnes and Noble releases updates
Interface As designed by manufacturer Icons and widgets designed by Apple Metro style designed by Microsoft Modified version of regular Android Modified version of regular Android updated by TFL