Windows 10 Accessibility


Oops, I Missed the Skip Login!

Bypass the Windows Login

Settings > Account > Sign-in Settings

The Start Menu is Back!

Unpin from Start

Pin to Start

Putting Applications on the Desktop

Desktop Icons

Keyboard Commands for the Taskbar

Virtual Desktop/Task View

Virtual Desktop and Task View

Navigating Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktop - 1

Virtual Desktop - 2

Virtual Desktop - 3

Virtual Desktop - 4

Action Centre

What is the Action Centre?

Action Centre Visualized

Useful Keyboard Commands

Cool Keyboard Commands!

Finding Information

Every Day Keyboard Commands

Switching Monitors

Windows Key + X

Snap Windows

Sleep, Hibernate and Hybrid Modes

Control Panel

Edge Browser

Make IE the Default Browser

Setting IE as the Default Browser

The Edge browser!


Accessibility and Windows Resources

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Keyboard Command Resources

Office Specific Resources 1

Office Specific Resources - 2

Complete List of Word Commands

Running Word Commands Macro