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EASI Free Webinar: Speech2RTT: enables anyone hearing-impaired to talk in real time with anyone

Presenter: Steve Jacobs: IDEAL Group, Inc. | Apps4Android, Inc. | Inftyreader Group, Inc.

View the slides from the Jacobs webinar

The link below is for the webinar recording. For the first 1-2 minutes, we had to troubleshoot a problem. Sorry you have tosit through it. But then it works well.

Watch the recording from the Jacobs webinar

Additional information for Speech2rtt home page

Download Speech2RTT from Google Play store

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Flowcharts for speech2rtt

speech2rtt documentation

Press Kit

speech2rtt Credits


Steve Jacobs, President and CEO IDEAL Group, Inc.


Cell: (614) 777-0660

Fax: (614) 522-1031

TTY: (800) 750-0750

Skype: stevenijacobs