Opportunities in Computing and IT Fields for People with Disabilities

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Computer Scientists

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More than half of postsecondary students with disabilities are in public 2-year schools

Students who began at 4-year colleges or universities in 1995, by disability status and persistence in 2001

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Computing has changed the world

The most recent ten years …

In the next ten years, we'll put the "smarts" in …

Advances in computer science are central to tackling every national and global challenge

And there are jobs out the wazoo: nationally …

And there are jobs out the wazoo: nationally …



Facts about Computing Jobs

Build Software Apps



Research Careers

Sign Language Recognition Christian Vogler

C-Print Michael Stinson

Perkinput Shiri Azenkot

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Computing Majors

Nicole Torcolini Story

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We don't do it alone

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For Students

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Resources www.uw.edu/accesscomputing/

These students are our future