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Accessible Image Example

About this description

Author: John Doe, Ph.D. in Water Engineering

Target Age: 9-12

Target Grade: 4-7


The image depicts the cycle of water evaporating, turning into clouds, falling back to earth in the form of precipitation and being filtered through sediment.

Long Description

The image depicts the natural process of evaporation and precipitation and how rain water gets filtered and cleansed through the earth's sediment.

On the left-hand side of the image is a lake...

A weather event such as a rainstorm eventually returns the precipitation to the ground...

The natural filtering agents in the soil...

Annotation added by teacher

In the winter we get snow instead of rain.

Simplified Language Description

The image shows how water becomes clouds, then rain, and then gets cleaned by the soil.

Tactile Image

[Tactile image]

In the upper left corner of the tactile…

Simplified Image

[Simplified image]

Moving front the top left corner of the image

An image depicting the hydrologic cycle.  The text items on the slide are examples of alternative descriptions of the graphic content.

Callout balloon pointing to the long description of the hydrologic cycle image. The callout has text that reads, "You can add long descriptiosn to HTML5!"

You can add long descriptions to HTML 5!