The Importance of Color Accessibility


Two questions we ask with color accessibility

Planning for color and visual deficiencies

Visual Impairment Simulator

NoCoffee Interface

NoCoffee: Base Page

NoCoffee: Protanopia

NoCoffee: Light Blur

NoCoffee: Heavy Blur

NoCoffee: Macular Degeneration

Standards: Taking the guessing out of conformance

WCAG 2 (1.4.1): Use of Color

WCAG 2 (1.4.3 and 1.4.6): Contrast

What Is Covered in WCAG Contrast Requirements?

WCAG 2 Conformance Levels and Ratios

There is no average person with low vision

Application to Contrast

Application to Color

What to do: Create flexible content

What text resizing have to do with contrast?

Eyedropper Tools

Colour Contrast Analyser

Text Over Images

Anti-Aliased Text

Automated Tools


Image Analysis

Color Contrast Analyzer

Color Contrast Analyzer: Original Image

Color Contrast Analyzer: Mask

Color Contrast Analyzer: Text Over Images

Color Contrast Analyzer: Text in Images

Testing Color Palettes

Sample Accessible Palette Evaluator

Color Palette Tweaker