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EASI Free Webinar Explaining the Importance of Color Accessibility

Presenter:s Greg Kraus from North Carolina State and Wayne Dick from CSU Long Beach

Get the actual PowerPoint used in the Webinar

Note we had difficulties with the recording of this Webinar. We made 4 recordings on 4 different computers and all had significant problems. However, we are providing the ability to watch the slides and listen simultaneously to the audio. It will require your advancing your own pages. In a couple instances, there may be a page skipped, but if you pay attention and stick with it, you will get a result close to the original Webinar. So you should click on the next link to get the Webinar pages which will open in a separate tab and the Web pages begin with 2 pages of EASI promos. Then go to the next link here for the audio and click on it. While it plays move to the tab showing the Web pages and you should be able to match them up most of the time.

View the slides pushed during the Webinar in a new tab

Listen to the Webinar's audio">

Webinar Resources

Later today or over the week end there will be links to useful resources for color