Columns and Tables: Word, PowerPoint, Excel to Tagged PDF

Columns and Tables: Word, PowerPoint, Excel to Tagged PDF

Important Considerations!

Your Questions

The Basics

Tags in a PDF Document

Tags Panel versus Order Panel


Accessible Document Design

Newspaper Columns in Word

Types of Columns in Word

Column Options

More Column Options Dialog

2 Column Newspaper Layout

2 Column Text as Tagged PDF

3 Column Text Layout

5 Column Text in Document

Parallel Columns and Section Breaks

Parallel versus Newspaper

Create Parallel Columns

Section and Column Breaks

Parallel Columns - Tagged PDF

Last Thought - Bad Columns

Tables in Word

Basics of Tables in Word

Insert Table

Header Rows Repeat

Rows Don't Break Across Pages

Cell Margins/Padding

Captions for Tables

Word Tables in Tagged PDF

Bad Tables!

Columns and Tables in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Slide Masters

Outline View in PowerPoint

Comparison Slide Layout

Tables on Slides

Columns and Tables in PDF

Comparison Slide - Outline

Tables and Excel

Linked Table of Contents

Navigating Using Bookmarks

Repairing PDF Columns and Tables

Tags Tree

Table Editor

Table Editor Options

General Repair Tools

Scanned PDF

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