Web Accessibility Standards

World Wide Consortium (W3C) Standards

First rule of ARIA: Avoid using ARIA. Wherever possible, use semantic HTML first.

Accessibility in HTML 1: Headings

Accessibility in HTML 1: Alt Text for Images

Accessibility in HTML 4: Accessible Tables

Accessibility in HTML 4: Accessible Forms

Accessibility in HTML 4: Accessible Language

Accessibility in HTML 5: Accessible Video

Proper semantic HTML markup answers the question "What is this?"

What is this?

Where HTML falls short…

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)

What ARIA does

ARIA Landmark Roles

What is this?

Accessibility in HTML 5: New Semantic Elements

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Accessible Names of Elements

What's this?

Buttons that show/hide content

What's this?

Accessible Modal Dialogs

ARIA Live Regions

ARIA Live Regions

Indispensable Resource: W3C-Recommended Design Patterns

Does HTML5/ARIA work?

Questions to ask when evaluating web-based applications