Beyond Word Basics


Resume Reading

Clear Formatting

Clear Formatting - Keyboard

Word Options for Clearing Formatting

Correct use of Headings

No Headings in Documents

Paragraphs with Heading Style

Paragraph in Table of Contents

Navigating by Heading

Generate Table of Contents

Headings used to Generate Table of Contents

Tools for Applying Styles

Reveal Formatting

Manage Styles: Import/Export Styles

Import/Export Dialog

Text Wrapping

Table of Figures

Create Table of Figures

Table of Tables

Table of Tables Dialog

Footnotes and Endnotes

Create Footnotes or Endnotes

JAWS and Footnotes/Endnotes

JAWS List of Footnotes in a Document


Insert Citation

Managing Citations

Citation Placeholder

Citation Placeholder - 2

Bibliography from Citations


Mark for Index

Generate Index

Finished Index

Four Part Advanced Word Series

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